Why ARC?

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Hello, my name is John Russo. I am a licensed architect specializing in Building Documentation. I founded Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) in 1997 because of my passion for documenting buildings. In 2011, I founded the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD), a non-profit membership organization dedicated to supporting all stakeholders with an interest in Building Documentation. Please allow me to introduce to you my company so that I may give you a sense of why ARC is different from many of the firms you may be considering.

Who We Are

ARC is team of Licensed Architects and highly skilled technicians specializing in providing Professional Building Documentation services nationally from the west coast to the east coast of the United States and beyond.

Our Mission

  • We discover the unknown

  • We simplify the complex

  • We define reality

  • We help clients manage their risk

While ARC is not new to this industry, I prefer to think of us more as the David rather than the Goliath. Let me start out by sharing about ARC’s greatest strength, its people.

Our mission is to assist those who recognize the complexities of existing conditions and wish to minimize their risks by proactively seeking to document such conditions in advance of them becoming an issue.

We specialize in the documentation of the Built Environment.

ARC's People

The people at ARC are ARC. They are the number one reason ARC has achieved the success it has. The primary way we get new work is through referrals and repeat business. I attribute this entirely to our people and the quality of the work they produce. I am very proud to state that over sixty percent of our staff has been with ARC more than ten years. We have an incredibly strong work ethic and take great pride in producing high quality work. There’s no drama here. Our entire team actually gets along great. We are fun loving, dedicated professionals working together, helping each other out and producing great work for our Clients. After all, if you are working on something that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. We love what we do!