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We provide CAD drafting
support to meet your needs

ARC is an extension of your office providing high quality CAD drafting services for the creation of design and construction documents. We can provide simple red-line drafting, or if you don’t have time to provide us with detailed markups, just convey your intent to one of our licensed architects and we’ll take it from there. We can also provide training, raster to vector conversions, space plans/test fits, BOMA calculations and space accounting.

2D CAD Plans
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Benefits of 2D CAD

  • Familiar Standards. ARC will work in your company’s CAD standards, or will utilize National CAD Standards (NCS).


  • An Extension of Your Staff. Let ARC’s CAD technicians serve as an extension of your drafting staff.  We are instantly there when you need us and gone when you don’t. No need to carry and pay the overhead expense when the need is no longer there.

  • Instant Access to Experts. ARC has expert CAD technicians ready to assist with all your CAD needs whether for project work, training, or help setting up your company’s standards.

  • Precision. CAD allows us to work out the details of your design very precisely within tolerances down to fractions of an inch.

  • Fast and Efficient. CAD enables the creation of templates that can be used over and over for fast editing. We can easily turn on and off layers to show only the information needed on a given plan.


  • Support for Legacy Data. While the industry is rapidly adopting 3D BIM technologies, there is still an enormous base of legacy drawings created in CAD. ARC currently can and will continue to support all your legacy CAD needs.

  • CAD for Facility Management. At the conclusion of construction, owners often need contract documents updated with all the changes made during construction to create a set of Record Drawings. Often these drawings need to feed into a Computer Aided Facility Management system (CAFM). ARC has the expertise to compile these changes into a comprehensive set of FM drawings, add/confirm space ID’s and generate square footage poly lines for input into your preferred CAFM platform.

Redline Building Plans

We draft from scratch

If you don’t have time to provide us markups to be drafted, talk with one of our licensed architects and simply convey your design intent.  We’ll create a draft sketch for your review prior to having our drafters input it in CAD. 

Great group to work with. The product was able to be combined with our other architects floor plan work to come up with a better plumbing solution."


- Michael M.

The desire to do the best job possible permeated through team leadership to the CAD staff in the office.  It was not an easy task due to the nature of the building and the convention center’s show schedule, but ARC proved they were highly capable with the product they delivered."


- Amber H.

More often than not, we can start faster than you can authorize us. 

We pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions,

rapid response, high quality products and service, on time.

However, don't take our word for it.

U.S. Institute of Building Documentation/LOA Certified

Staff at ARC is LOA (Level of Accuracy) certified by the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation. The LOA standards were created by the USIBD as a guide for reality capture professionals within the AEC industry. LOA certified individuals have demonstrated their understanding of the USIBD's LOA specification and how to apply its principles to ensure accuracy and precision in the measurement process.

To us, every square foot matters. That's why our professional employees are trained to follow these standards when working on projects—so you can know that your deliverables are always accurate.