Watergate Complex Laser Scan


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Photo imagery is an important form of building documentation. It can be as simple as standard digital images documenting equipment tags, or perhaps require more advanced techniques such as 360 degree cameras to produce virtual building and site tours. ARC can also provide HDR (High Dynamic Range) imagery for the highest quality as well as 360 video walks, so you can have an experience similar to a Google Street View inside your building or on your site.

Ritz Carlton 360 Image
Spiral stair master - Urmila Venkatesh_edited.jpg

Benefits of 360 Imagery

  • Virtual site walks. Access your project site virtually on-demand whether at your computer, or on your favorite mobile device.​

  • Collaboration. Access to the site can be shared with any project stakeholders. You may also make annotations that will be visible to all users.​

  • Save time. Accessing the site virtually will cut back on, or eliminate travel time to and from the site.​​

  • Increase Efficiency. Need to review a field condition on Level 3? Don’t waste 30 minutes walking back and forth, pull it up on your mobile device and spend your time on more productive work. 

  • Safety. Given today's COVID-19 concerns and the mandates for non-essential workers to stay at home, we can bring the job site to you virtually. Stay home and stay safe.

  • See Everything. View the whole scene with 360 imagery. Gone are the days when what you need to see is just outside the frame of your still image.

  • Time Lapse. View and compare the same scene at different points in time.  This is a great way to see what was inside a wall, or above a ceiling before it was closed up.

View in all directions

360 images are versatile and can be used to save time and prevent inconveniences.

Shown on the first image is an example of how you can utilize a 360 degree image taken during construction, to compare against the same view in a 3D model.

You can also view 360 images on your mobile device, as shown on the second image. This gives you the ability to view your project from anywhere.

TrueScan Image Comparison
Mobile TrueScan Image

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