360 Imagery

Benefits of 360 imagery include:

  • Virtual site walks. Access your project site virtually on-demand.

  • Collaboration. Access to the site can be shared with any project stakeholders. You may also make annotations that will be visible to all users..

  • Save time. Accessing the site virtually will cut back on travel, or eliminate time to and from the site.

  • Instant information. You can get access to specific locations on site much faster than walking the site in person.

  • Safety. Given today's COVID-19 concerns and the mandates for non-essential workers to stay at home, we can bring the job site to you virtually. Stay home and stay safe.

  • See Everything. View the whole scene with 360 imagery. Gone are the days when what you need to see is just outside the frame of your still image.

Photo imagery is an important form of building documentation. It can be as simple as standard digital images documenting equipment tags, or perhaps require more advanced techniques such as 360 degree cameras to produce virtual building and site tours.


ARC can also provide HDR (High Dynamic Range) imagery as well as 360 video walks.  

Why ARC?

ARC has specialized in providing high quality building documentation services since 1997. We believe that owners, designers and contractors do not need to be subjected to unforeseen existing conditions or the associated costs and time delays that often accompany them. During this time, ARC has focused on perfecting the means, methods and best practices to provide extremely accurate as-built documentation using the latest in technologies such as HDS (High Definition Survey) 3D Laser Scanning and advanced photo imagery. 

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The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) just put out a bulletin on the benefits of virtualization.

Click here to read it.