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Space Accounting


To us, every square foot matters

ARC’s space accounting services deliver results to maximize your total asset value and net operating income. We provide laser measured surveys that determine accurate, usable, and rentable square footage with auditable calculations and marketing drawings.

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Benefits of Space Accounting

Precision + Accuracy

Space accounting is only as good as the accuracy of the measured space.  Validating the existing conditions with our laser technologies will ensure the accuracy of the space calculations.

Hidden Value

BOMA calculations provide highly accurate measurements and will help reveal any measurement discrepancies.

Financial Results

Having accurate measurements will allow you to determine rentable square footage for your building and identify the best use of space to improve your net operating income.


Using a measurement standard, such as the BOMA Method of Measure, will give you the confidence that you are maximizing your rentable square footage.

Reduced Liability

Relying on invalidated record drawings is risky. Our as-built plans are generated from laser scan data which can be used to audit the accuracy. Never worry about over-charging a tenant.

BOMA Method

We utilize the BOMA Method of Measure

Our process utilizes the industry standard method of measure created by BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association).

Using the BOMA Standard ensures your building square footage is maximized resulting in the highest return and net profit on your built assets.

More often than not, we can start faster than you can authorize us. 

We pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions,

rapid response, high quality products and service, on time.

However, don't take our word for it.

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