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Building Scans

About Us

Our Mission is to assist those who recognize the complexities of existing conditions and wish to minimize their risks. We document such conditions in advance of them becoming an issue.

Who we are

ARC is a team of Licensed Architects and highly skilled technicians specializing in providing Professional Building Documentation services nationally from the west coast to the east coast of the United States and beyond.

Since 1997

ARC has specialized in providing high quality building documentation services since 1997. We believe that owners, designers and contractors do not need to be subjected to unforeseen existing conditions or the associated costs and time delays that often accompany them.

Our Focus

During this time, ARC has focused on perfecting the means, methods and best practices to provide extremely accurate as-built documentation using the latest in technologies such as HDS (High Definition Survey) 3D Laser Scanning and advanced photo imagery.

Who We Serve

ARC serves Owners/Operators, Architects/Designers, Engineers, Surveyors, Contractors, Brokers, Property Managers and

all stakeholders with an interest in Building Documentation.

Why Hire ARC

When you need expertise and resources to get your job done quickly you can count on ARC. More often than not, we can start faster than you can authorize us. We pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions, rapid response, high quality products and service, on time.

We find and fix problems before they become expensive

ARC was founded with the belief that it should be guided by a few simple unchanging principles. We realize that our business goals will change as our company grows. However, we believe it is critical to be guided by a set of unchanging Core Values - the one thing that will always remain constant. It is these Core Values that guide us in our decision making at all levels throughout our organization:


We honor our commitments and don't compromise our values


We are truthful to our customers and ourselves


We respond quickly

without delay


We always strive for "better" in our quest to provide a phenomenal customer experience

The value we provide

By discovering unknown existing conditions we save our clients both time and money while reducing their risk and liability. Some owners, designers and contractors consider the documentation of existing conditions to be an added expense. However, many have come to realize that accurate existing conditions documentation is the best insurance policy to save themselves time and money. Often one change order related to unknown existing conditions can more than pay for the cost of the survey. However, by then it’s too late. Savvy clients have come to realize that a design based on invalidated record drawings is only as good as the drawings themselves. 


ARC is expert in Building Documentation and through its years of experience has accumulated the knowledge of how to avoid becoming the victim of costly existing conditions expenses and delays.


I have always looked to ARC as an expert on matters related to 3D laser scanning and building documentation. ARC has always provided me with the straight-forward, objective answers and takes the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions."

- Peggy Y.


ARC modeled a complex historic building for us. Both the quality of the as-built model and the model delivery meeting were master class. Our team was blown away. ARC was communicative throughout the process and pleasant to work with. ARC will be our go to resource for as-builts."

- Tricia H.


John Russo is hands down one of the finest individuals I have ever met, he’s extremely knowledgeable and the team has access to state of the art equipment which just reiterates the fact that you can count on a great deliverable each and every time. I strongly recommend John and the entire ARC team for any project and will continue to utilize them in the future!"

- Jeff M.

U.S. Institute of Building Documentation/LOA Certified

Staff at ARC is LOA (Level of Accuracy) certified by the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation. The LOA standards were created by the USIBD as a guide for reality capture professionals within the AEC industry.

LOA certified individuals have demonstrated their understanding of the USIBD's LOA specification and how to apply its principles to ensure accuracy and precision in the measurement process.

To us, every square foot matters. That's why our professional employees are trained to follow these standards when working on projects—so you can know that your deliverables are always accurate.

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