• John Russo

Send in the Intern

Building documentation and its complexities require much more than often perceived.

Building documentation is easy. Actually, anyone can do it. It takes no special skill or knowledge. In fact, many times I am told that the only reason I am being asked by a client to measure a building is that they are too busy to do it themselves. Oh yeah, and the words “I’ll just send in an Intern” are commonly preceded by “your fee is too high.” Why do I suddenly hear echoes of Rodney Dangerfield’s I don’t get no respect?

While my inner voice is responding with a sarcastic “I hope that works out for you,” what I’m really thinking is how I can help my client see the real value in my service offering. There’s nothing like having my forty plus years of knowledge and experience compared to a six month out-of-school intern that barely knows how to operate a tape measure.