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Who We Serve

Client Focus

You are the focus of all we do. We view ourselves as an extension of your team--your strategic partner. We are fully committed to your success. We guarantee that all phone calls and emails will be promptly returned. We will provide courteous and professional service. And, above all, we strive to deliver you the highest value each and every time to reduce your risk and help you grow your business.

Services for Architects


ARC has experienced licensed architects and technicians to support all of your production needs.  From as-builts and building documentation, CAD drafting from red lines or concept, BIM and/or, renderings and animations, we have the staff to augment your operations, help you focus on developing your designs and meet your deadlines.

Services for Engineers


Existing structural and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) systems are some of the most difficult building systems to survey and document often because they represent concealed conditions.  Through its many years of experience and use of advance technologies, ARC has developed techniques and processes to document even the most complicated existing building systems.

Services for Contractors


Contractors manage a great deal of risk. ARC’s laser scanning, BIM and advanced photo imagery services can provide contractors the information they need to avoid costly delays to their projects and keep them profitable.

Services for Building Owners


ARC has the expertise to help you get control of your building data and make it easily available to all stakeholders that need quick and easy access to it through our hosted solutions.

Services for Land Surveyors


Surveyors may have the means to measure and document a building, but in some cases they may lack the resources and/or expertise to properly represent buildings and building systems. ARC can provide the support needed to provide professional quality building documentation deliverables in CAD or BIM, and can help train your staff in effective 3D laser scanning field workflows and scan-to-BIM.

Services for Real Estate


Marketing real estate and closing deals often hinges on having accurate square footage numbers and providing prospects with compelling marketing materials.  ARC can support all of your needs to document and market your properties.

American Flag


Public sector work often has unique requirements and needs. Whether working direct for public sector agencies or in support of a partner pursuing public sector work, ARC has experienced staff, processes and protocols to support your project needs for documenting buildings and managing data.

Historical Preservation Services


Our past is something to cherish and is worth protecting. ARC provides knowledge and technical expertise to help document and preserve places of significant cultural and architectural value.

Laser Scan Services


ARC has developed a vast network of partnerships extending across America and beyond.  We have found that there can be a significant benefit in forming relationships with our competitors.  These relationships often develop into strategic partnerships whereas both parties can leverage the skills and resources each has to offer. 

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