Virtual Reality

We take the unimaginable and make it a reality

Augmented/Virtual Reality is a technology of the future, here in the present. ARC defines reality by providing you with the ultimate virtual experience at any stage of the facility lifecycle, whether in the field or in the comfort of your office.

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Benefits of  AR/VR

  • Marketing. If you are a broker or owner interested in selling or leasing property, virtual reality allows your prospect to walk through the building without being there in person.

  • COVID Friendly. Augmented/Virtual Reality allows for individuals and companies to tour buildings safely without going on site.

  • Design Review. VR can help end-users easily visualize your design concepts and provide valuable feedback early in the project, resulting in fewer surprises and greater acceptance at project turnover.

  • Virtual Mockups. In lieu of physical mockups, virtual mockups can save time and money. An example where this has proven to be valuable is in planning spaces with complex equipment layout such as operating rooms.

  • Quality Assurance. Designers who design in BIM can take advantage of a VR walkthrough of their design model to catch mistakes in the model, verify lines-of-sight, and to better understand how the space will function.

  • A Fast Check of Reality. Viewing a laser scan point cloud in a VR walkthrough can help you quickly understand the existing conditions on your project without even having to create a model.  See areas up close that might be too dangerous for you to investigate while on site.


  • Facilities Management and Operations. Utilizing augmented reality, Owners and Operators of buildings can use tablets and/or glasses to view what is behind the walls, above ceilings, below the ground, or other concealed spaces while standing in the actual space. 

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