• John Russo

The Different Options with 360-Degree Imagery

From 360-degree imagery to the difference between 3D scanners and cameras.

What are 360 images?

I have noticed there sometimes is a fair amount of confusion when I speak with Owners, Designers and Real Estate Professionals as to the various terminology surrounding what I refer to as 360-degree imagery. Unlike still photography, the type often associated with smart phones, 360-degree imagery provides a full spherical field of view.

Not all 360s are the same

There are various ways to capture and present 360-imagery. In fact, there are so many options I cannot possibly cover them all in this short blog. You may want to check out an ol’ standby PC Magazine best 360 cameras for 2022. At a high level there are 360 digital cameras, structured light sensor instruments such as a Matterport, and 360-imagery from 3D Laser Scanners.

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360 Cameras