• John Russo

Tips and Tricks for Modeling Existing Conditions

Updated: May 26

When modeling existing conditions, it's a question of orthogonal or real-world.

I may make some readers upset, but I contend that modeling existing conditions is exponentially more difficult to do than modeling for design. After all, there is no need to define a level of accuracy with design models. If you need to represent a structural grid you just lay out your design grid spacing, place your columns at the intersections and you are done.

Looking for a 3D scanning quote? Look no further:


However, with existing conditions there is so much more to consider. If you have ever had to set a structural grid on a point cloud, you probably noticed that the center of the columns is often not in precise alignment with one another. This may be caused by many reasons such as imprecise construction methods, settling of the building, and columns that are not perfectly plumb just to name a few.

Take, for example, the following illustration.