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Natrona High School

Casper, WY

Project Square Footage

~ 275,000 s.f.

Market Sector


Project Type


Year Completed


Natrona High School is a 257,000 square-foot, four story building in Casper Wyoming Adolfson & Peterson Construction requested Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) to 3D laser scan the building and provide a model from the point cloud data. The school was about to undergo renovation, and existing conditions were needed to further proceed with design and construction.

Seen above are the BIM models of the building, showcasing different angles and viewpoints. Although a lower Level of Accuracy (LOA) and Level of Detail (LOD) were requested by the client, immense detail can be drawn from the windows and the lining of the roof in the model in progress. ARC was able to accurately replicate the existing conditions of the building through their scanning and modeling so renovations could begin. Without the documentation of such conditions, the remodel would have costed much more due to problems that would have risen to the surface during the construction process.

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