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Benefits of Space Accounting include:

  • Accuracy. BOMA calculations provide highly accurate measurements and will help reveal any measurement discrepancies.

  • Increase financial results. Having accurate measurements will allow you to determine rentable square footage for your building and identify the best use of space to have better financial outcomes.

ARC’s space accounting services deliver results to maximize your total asset value and net operating income. ARC provides laser measured surveys that determine accurate, usable, and rentable square footage with auditable calculations and marketing drawings.

Why ARC?

ARC has specialized in providing high quality building documentation services since 1997. We believe that owners, designers and contractors do not need to be subjected to unforeseen existing conditions or the associated costs and time delays that often accompany them. During this time, ARC has focused on perfecting the means, methods and best practices to provide extremely accurate as-built documentation using the latest in technologies such as HDS (High Definition Survey) 3D Laser Scanning and advanced photo imagery.