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Union Square Marriott

San Francisco, CA

Project Square Footage

~ 280,000 s.f.

Market Sector


Project Type


Year Completed


Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) was hired to provide as-built services for the documentation of the San Francisco Marriott Hotel. ARC surveyed 27 of 30 floors of hotel space within a period of 14 days.

The documentation process was completed by seven surveyors with laptops and one surveyor with a Total Station. The building survey included floor plans, power and signal plans, and reflected ceiling plans. The client was also provided with photo documentation.

All levels except the basement, ballroom, and rooftop meeting floor, received a floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, power/signal plan, elevations and photos. These exceptions only included the creation of floor plans.

During the building documentation process, ARC had on-site access for up to 12 hours per business day and access to up to two floors per day since the hotel remained active. ARC coordinated closely with the hotel’s guest services manager for daily access to guest rooms, meeting rooms, and other required spaces in order to complete the project on-time and on-budget.

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