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San Ysidro Canopy

San Diego, CA

Project Square Footage

~ 25' tall x 30' wide

Market Sector

Aviation + Transportation

Project Type

Ports of Entry

Year Completed


Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) was hired to provide High Definition Survey (HDS) 3D Laser Scanning of the steel canopy. ARC was tasked with documenting the entire topside of the canopy structure from east to west. The structure is about 20' to 25' tall, 30' wide, and spans over 26 traffic lanes.

The primary areas of interest included the ETFE secondary top plates and the ETFE T upstands top plate. A scissors lift was used to lift the scanner above the canopy to obtain the required line-of-sight for these items. The structure remained functional while scanning; only one lane at a time was briefly shut down in order to position the scissors lift in the ideal position.

ARC's point cloud data was compared to the client's existing steel model in order to perform an analysis on the installation of the existing T upstands. ARC also had a survey crew on the ground running secondary control for the scan team. This secondary control was tied into the existing primary site control network.

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