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Pacific Alliance Medical Center

Los Angeles, CA

Project Square Footage

100,000 s.f.

Market Sector


Project Type


Year Completed


In 2017, Pacific Medical Center (PAMC), located in Los Angeles, needed to initiate facility renovations in order for the building to comply with the state’s seismic requirements. Floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, and exterior elevations were necessary for the architect and design team to proceed with preparation of construction documents.

Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) was hired to provide scanning and modeling services to document the entire facility.

In order to properly register and control scans, ARC required a survey control network, which was provided by Tustin, California based professional land survey firm, D. Woolley and Associates.

ARC established a workplan that was scheduled around the operational requirements of each department in order for the hospital to remain fully functional; most patient areas were scanned in the mornings while the surgery suite was scanned in the late afternoon. When scanning the active hospital, ARC was aware and respectful of patient privacy. The scanning process lasted about 10 days and was completed with two scan crews.

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