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Orbit Energy North Carolina

Charlotte, NC

Project Square Footage

18,191 s.f. modeled

Market Sector

Civic + Government

Project Type

Public Works

Year Completed


Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) was contracted to perform an HDS (High Definition Survey) 3D laser scan (3DLS) at an active bio gas facility located in Charlotte, North Carolina. ARC was tasked with scanning and registering point cloud data for the entire facility but only modeling a few areas to begin with. The decision to scan the entire facility was made in order for the client to have the ability to request further modeling in the future from point cloud data that is readily available.

The final deliverables that ARC provided to the client included an AutoCAD 2018 3D model of the defined scope of work and a 3D PDF file of the model.

Model elements for the site included the interior and exterior of the blue weather proof container with blowers and pumps and the interior and exterior of the centrifuge structure.

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