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Geffen Academy

Los Angeles, CA

Project Square Footage

75,000 s.f.

Market Sector


Project Type

College + University

Year Completed


The Geffen Academy, located at the south end of UCLA’s campus, was originally a general-use building named the Kinross Staging Building. The renovated 75,000 square foot location is now home to a university-affiliated secondary school that includes classrooms and programmatic spaces such as science labs, student conference rooms, indoor-outdoor contemporary dining commons, and animation and recording studios.

Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) was hired to provide HDS (High Definition Survey) 3D Laser Scanning services in order to document existing building systems.

The goal of this project was to verify assumptions of the building’s current state that were to be included in the design documents and make any adjustments necessary. ARC was brought onto the project early in the process to ensure that scan data was captured very early on and then was given to the architect as soon as possible. This gave the architect accurate existing conditions information from which to base his/her design decisions.

ARC recognized an opportunity to capture data more efficiently because of the many structural elements that were visible through exposed areas of the building. The total scanning process took about 3-4 days. The data was captured with an HDS 3D laser scanner in black and white rather than color. Doing so helped cut down the time of each scan by 50 percent resulting in cost and time savings to the client without compromising the accuracy of the measurements taken.

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