JPL Static Tower

Pasadena, CA

ARC scan technician, Mick Cunningham, on pneumatic lift
ARC scan technician, John Russo, preparing to climb structure to secure rig for laser scanner
Leica RTC360 on custom ARC rig
Leica RTC360 on custom ARC rig
Point cloud blending into as-built model
As-built blending into point cloud data
Point cloud blending into as-built model
Screenshot of steel perforations color coded (left) and turned off (right)

Project Square Footage

~1,500 s.f.

Market Sector

Aviation + Transportation

Project Type


Year Completed


The JPL scientific engineering team was arranging to perform some tests using the JPL Static Test Tower, which stands at about 51 ft tall. In order to move forward, they needed to run a structural analysis to determine if it will be possible to execute the planned tests. They discovered that the record drawings that existed did not provide sufficient information to run their structural analysis.

Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) and RC Monkeys were hired to develop an up-to-date as-built model for the static test tower.

The Leica RTC360 scanner was used in order to achieve the required accuracy. ARC designed and constructed a custom scanner rig for the scanner to be installed on. The custom rig allowed the scanner to operate remotely while suspended high off the ground attached to structural members.

Once the data was obtained, the registered point cloud needed to be converted into a highly accurate as-built model with an LOD of 400 while maintaining the specified accuracy of +/- 5/8”. All steel perforations were also documented, color coded, and scheduled. 


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