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Client testimonials

Here's what our clients are saying...

We had a very large high school modernization project. We did not have the staff available to do the site verification; it’s a 40-year-old project with 40-year-old drawings. ARC was able to provide that staff to go on-site to verify what we needed done to produce drawings that showed what they had found – excellent photo documentation. Their final product was, and is, an example that I use around the office to show other staff members what we should be providing. They were able to do all this on-time, on budget, helping to make the project a success.

- Butch Rowe

  Senior Project Manager

  HMC Architects

I worked with John and his team on the Union Station project in Washington D.C. Both John and his team were a pleasure to work with and very professional. I'm looking forward for the next project that I can team up with him."

- Dan S.

Their new laser technology for as-builting sites and buildings is a great breakthrough in terms of speed and accuracy so when I send them to the field on my behalf, I know that, literally, in a day or so, I'll have something that I can start working on the actual project in order to meet a very fast turnaround time. As a small firm, again, because we're competing, we really specialize in very fast performance for our clients and John's team really makes that happen for us."

- Stephanie L.

Having had the pleasure to not only utilize ARC's expertise in the areas of 3D Laseer Scanning and production of BIM deliverables, I've also had the good fortune to establish a personal, long-standing relationship with John and his team. What sets ARC above all others is the fact that striving for continuous process imporvements remains central to what they do. ARC offers deliverables that far exceed the mandates of our Federal agencies and leading AEC's. As an industry pioneer and early adopter of some of these technologies, ARC is a well-qualified, certainly experienced, highly accomplished, and a proven leader that defines reality in the built environment."

- Ryan T.

I have had the pleasure of working with John and the ARC team on multiple projects and each time they delivered an outstanding product!!  I truly believe that the key to their success is built around their John’s ability to hire and keep core employees who put the hard work and dedication that is needed to make each project a success.  John Russo is hands down one of the finest individuals I have ever met, he’s extremely knowledgeable and the team has access to state of the art equipment which just reiterates the fact that you can count on a great deliverable each and every time.  I strongly recommend John and the entire ARC team for any project and will continue to utilize them in the future!"

- Jeff M.

Great staff, very friendly, well skilled."

- Chris G.

The work performed was very accurate and completed in a very timely manner. You do a great job and I especially appreciate your follow up!"

- Carolyn D.

The ARC team did a fantastic job under a constrained time period with limited initial design documents."

- Jane S.

I liked the immediate response and the feel of personal attention. We will work together again for sure."

- Ion C.

Thanks John for providing consultation on our deliverables for the laser scanned stone wall. The scaled façade views provided the design team the info and CAD drawing they needed for investigation, documenting conditions and design the renovations. It was a successful survey project for the C&O Canal in Georgetown area of Washington, DC."

- Daniel S.

They’re very knowledgeable and they have personnel on their staff that are very code savvy so I can trust them as a business owner with all aspects of project development.  I can have them attend meetings with or without me and they’re just like my right hand as if they were a part of my physical office; so a very tremendous support to my firm."

- Douglas E.

I contacted ARC because we had an emergency, immediate need to get field verification done for a project we were working on and called john and he was able to send guys out to the site almost immediately. They were well equipped; they really presented well, representing us to the client and did a really good job in turning the work around quickly and accurately and I’m very pleased with their work."

- Lori S.

The ARC Team that completed the As-Built surveys for us was very thorough. The end product was detailed and complete in a timely matter. Scheduling the team last minute was quickly accommodated and the client was impressed with the delivery schedule."

- Crystal F.

ARC offered to partner with Turner at a reduced rate in pursuit of this job. Thanks!"

- Chris E.

Thank you for your responsive and accurate deliverables in the challenging project documentation.


Being that we had no drawings whatsoever for the pre-19th century structure, your ability to quickly and accurately document the building façade and plans was the most efficient and cost effective solution for us. We evaluated what it would take with our own resources to accomplish what you ultimately provided us and could not have completed the work for your provided fee. This was one of many reasons we elected to retain your services.


Though we had a very tight schedule, you were able to provide us with the deliverables in advance of our requested deadline which was a delightful surprise. Meeting with us prior to going on site and review of the deliverables to ensure our satisfaction was service that we did not expect, but found beneficial. Helping us understand how to work with the free software to gather additional information from the raw scan data was a value added service.


Receiving the laser scanned data provided us with the ability to refer back and measure areas without having to return to the site for additional field investigation. This is not only a time saving advantage, but a sustainable one also.


As you know, we were so pleased with your excellent service that we are working with you again for the documentation of another project. We are confident that the same service will be provided on this project."

- Lawrence C.

Good communication on the status of the work via e-mails. Thanks to Mick and company for getting it done in an expedited manner. We were able to shorten our time from start to finish even though we were still later than the client wanted."

- Bob N.

Phoenix Planning has worked with ARC since 1998. They have performed as-built documentation services, and architectural construction document cad drafting for us.


When performing the field work, they have represented our team in a professional manner. We never have any concerns in their interfacing directly with tenants, or occupants of the facilities they are documenting. They have worked with us on tight schedules and responded quickly to our needs both in the field or in the office. We have found their as-built documentation to be exceptionally detailed, providing an outstanding level of information for all aspects of documentation.


In working on construction documents, we have found them to maintain the project schedule, providing check sets in plenty of time for review and coordination prior to submittal. They keep excellent records of all redline/comment sets which can be critical during clarifications during different phases of the project.


We recommend ARC highly and look forward to our continuing relationship."

- Stephanie L.

Thank you again for your efforts on this project. We were able to provide the required documents, and we received a permit yesterday."

- James R.

Renderings are always on time and look great, team is very responsive to our needs. Create great renderings sometimes with little information and having to piece together drawings and photos to create the space. A job well done and would recommend to anyone."

- Jane S.

I like the professional service you provided, very nice."

- Armando G.

The fact that I had the files I needed that very same day was great."

- Nick Z.

You always do a spectacular job. We appreciate the fact you can jump in at almost any time and assist."

- Carolyn D.

We were very happy with the work product we recieved from ARC. They were very accommodating and the service was very useful during our project. A great group of people to work with."

- Dustin S.

I was reffered to ARC/John after having a rough experiencewith a scanning sub that was having trouble meeting ur strict deadlines for modeling the scanned space. John was on the phone with me personally multiple times, and made sure that he fully understood what we needed and he and his team worked tirelessly to meet our needs. I was so impressed that we asked if he could simultaneously do another job with a very demanding scope, and ARC was able to get everything we needed both accurately and on time. John worked closely with meto make sure that accuracy was ensured. Can't wait to work with ARC again on the next project!"

- Skyler S.

10/10 when it come to price, communication, and quality."

- Devin G.

Great group to work with. The product was able to be combined with our other architects floor plan work to come up with a better plumbing solution."

- Michael M.

I was impressed with the quality of service. Everyone we dealt with had a great attitude and commitment to resolving the issues presented to them."

- Gary H.

It was very nice to have my requests accomodated without any follow-up needed on my part."

- Ron B.

ARC staff was efficient and presented themselves professionally. Turnaround time was lightning fast. Would definetly use again."

- Patrick L.

Your services are extremely valuable. The quality of the end product is of utmost importance as well as the usability of the information requested. I appreciate the prompt response and execution. You mobilized quickly and the project was completed ahead of schedule, much to the surprise of the client."

- Loren M.

ARC modeled a complex historic building for us. Both the quality of the as-built model and the model delivery meeting were master class. Our team was blown away. ARC was communicative throughout the process and pleasant to work with. ARC will be our go to resource for as-builts."

- Tricia H.

I found that ARC are experts in their field and provide very high quality services and what impresses me about them is they employ licensed professionals and I’ve also been impressed with their ability to meet schedules, and in most cases, deliver ahead of schedule."

- Michael L.

Thank you so much for helping us out! I have already told the other PMs how happy we were with your group and recommended that they utilize your group in the future when the need arises​."

- Anne B.

WATG has contracted Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) to provide existing conditions building documentation services on various projects since 2005. Most recently we utilized their services on a renovation project for the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Due to the five star clientele this facility serves, it was crucial that our as-built consultant demonstrate the highest level of professionalism while representing our team on site during the performance of their field survey.

ARC’s field crews demonstrated a high degree of sensitivity to ensure their presence was minimized to the hotel guests. We also received very positive feedback from the Ownership regarding ARC’s performance and how accommodating they were in working with the hotel staff to coordinate the on-site logistics of performing their survey work.

During the course of the work, ARC provided exceptional response time and flexibility to mobilize their team as well as recommended creative ways for us to obtain preliminary deliverables so our designers could proceed with their work prior to receiving the final as-built documentation. We found their final BIM deliverable was of exceptional quality, detail and accuracy.

It is based on my personal experience of working closely with their team that I provide my highest recommendation of ARC for providing existing conditions building documentation services."

- Rafael V.

Unbelievable professionalism. ARC's ability to work from limited instruction and oversight while delivering a great product is really unbelievable. What a great AEC partner."

- Sean M.

ARC has been a great partner in helping our firm develop BIM competency and process."

- South C.

Thanks for the fast turn around. The sheets look good."

- Ron Y.

I am very impressed with your immediate and professional response and look forward to work with you on future projects."

- Yong H.

Your team was very impressive during the meeting yesterday. The client was very pleased with the information. I agree that the imagery was the biggest question, but they will test out the samples and see if they can utilize them. I’m very pleased to have you on our team. You make us look good."

- Daniel S.

I am writing to recommend ARC Architectural Resource Consultants. Our firm worked closely with John Russo and the ARC team on the Las Vegas Convention Center project. This effort required that ARC survey well over 1 million square feet of the existing facility, while not disrupting the active use of the convention center. Numerous shows were scheduled throughout the facility during the six weeks of survey time.


ARC walked in the door and took the time to understand the facility, the client’s concerns, and the opportunities and constraints involved to meet the required schedule and deliverables. A plan was developed and weekly meetings set with the client’s customer service management to review the upcoming events and any long-term show schedule adjustments, which would impact the survey effort.


There was active participation by each member of the ARC team to complete the building documentation and not affect the client’s operations. The desire to do the best job possible permeated through team leadership to the field surveyors and the CAD staff in the office. This served the project well and created a comfort level with our firm and the client that was clearly evident.


By taking the time to gain the understanding of the client’s needs and restrictions, ARC proved to be a valuable team member not only for their work, but also for their ability to problem solve and their flexibility. Their survey work was well done and when issues did arise, as they always will, ARC stepped in and worked diligently to come up with a solution that considered the client and the schedule first and foremost.


ARC delivered their documentation within the project’s timeframe and budget. They were in constant communication with our team and they worked hard to provide the building documentation required. It was not an easy task due to the nature of the building and the convention center’s show schedule, but ARC proved they were highly capable with the product they delivered. We were very pleased with their efforts and look forward to the next opportunity to work with them."

- Amber H.

It is my honor to recommend Architectural Resource Consultants. ARC has been an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract for the past three years for the General Services Administration, where I am currently serving as a Program Expert with GSA’s 3D-4D-BIM Program.


ARC has been a valued asset to GSA’s 3D Laser Scanning Program by providing both laser scanning services as well as program level support. Recently, GSA tasked ARC with developing a standardized Quality Assurance, Quality Control (QAQC) method for GSA. As a part of this task, ARC interfaced with our building managers on a high-profile building which had both security and schedule constraints. While ARC did not specifically perform the scanning, they were instrumental in working with GSA’s laser scanning team to ensure proper scanning was performed to GSA requirements. The GSA project team came to view ARC as a trusted advisor to ensuring the project was completed to high quality standards. ARC was also diligent in ensuring that all required deliverables for the QAQC task order were delivered on time and within budget. In addition, ARC has provided laser scanning services for several GSA federal buildings across the US. When speaking to my GSA counterparts that have worked with ARC, they only have positive feedback and experiences.


Based on my experiences with ARC, I am confident that they will work collaboratively and cooperatively with your building staff while delivering the project on time and on budget. I have always looked to ARC as an expert on matters related to 3D laser scanning and building documentation. ARC has always provided me with the straight-forward, objective answers and takes the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions. I highly recommend ARC to provide documentation services."

- Peggy Y.

Very professional team, as-built deliverables on time. Good communication. Highly recommend using ARC."

- Ken M.

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