The ARC Brand

The ARC logo is created by typing out the letters "ARC and rotating them 90 degrees to form a continuous square shape. The lettering is surrounded by a red square that has incorporated gradients in order to give them more dimension to the logo. The minimum padding between the lettering and the square is 0.125 inches. On the right of the square, the words "Architectural Resource Consultants" are typed out beneath "ARC." The height of the lettering should match up with the height of the square so that both elements are aligned. The minimum space requirement surrounding the logo should be 0.125 inches (or the equal to the letter "A" from the "ARC" in the logo). The same minimum space requirement around the logo applies to the portrait version of the ARC logo. The main difference is that the lettering that was originally to the right is produced at the bottom of the square instead. The minimum reproduction size is 0.25 inches. Further, whenever this logo is presented or reproduced as shown above, it should always be followed by the TM symbol. This symbol represents an unregistered trademark and is used to provide notice of a claim of rights and the corporate brand mark.

The ARC Color Palette

The ARC brand colors have been derived from the images above. The left image is a photograph of a spiral staircase that was taken by former ARC employee Urmila Vankatesh. To the right is an image that is owned by ARC of a royalty-free building. All ARC graphics and logo variations should be produced with colors that are in the ARC color palette.


r/204 g/12 b/0

hexadecimal / #CC0CC00

websafe / CC1100

ARC Blue

r/0 g/87 b/166

hexadecimal / #0057A6

websafe / 464646

ARC Black

ARC Tan Light

r/0 g/0 b/0

hexadecimal / #000000

websafe / 000000

ARC Tan Dark

r/154 g/135 b/125

hexadecimal / #98677D

websafe / 998877

r/107 g/92 b/79

hexadecimal / #6B5C4F

websafe / 5F5F5F

The following logos are variations of the original arc logo using the brand color palette. These variations can be used on light backgrounds in order to create a higher contrast and make the logo more visible to the eye.

Light Background

Dark Background