Benefits of AR/VR work include:

  • Marketing. If you are a broker or owner interested in selling or leasing property, virtual reality allows the customer to walk through the building without being there in person.

  • COVID Friendly. Augmented/Virtual Reality allows for individuals and companies to tour buildings without going on site. This is helpful for the current time period we are in, as some places are still closed to the public due to the pandemic. 

Augmented/Virtual Reality is a technology of the future, here in the present. ARC defines reality by providing you with the ultimate virtual experience. Our clients use the virtual reality we provide them to market to their customers so they can sell and lease buildings. We also provide augmented reality for the sake of our clients' benefit for documenting buildings. It serves as a tool for them to walk through and have access to their space wherever, whenever.

Why ARC?

ARC has specialized in providing high quality building documentation services since 1997. We believe that owners, designers and contractors do not need to be subjected to unforeseen existing conditions or the associated costs and time delays that often accompany them. During this time, ARC has focused on perfecting the means, methods and best practices to provide extremely accurate as-built documentation using the latest in technologies such as HDS (High Definition Survey) 3D Laser Scanning and advanced photo imagery. 

Augmented /
Virtual realitY