Benefits of 3D BIM include:

  • Accuracy. As-built drawings will help you find any discrepancies between construction documents and actual construction. You will receive a snapshot of the building's current conditions and design.

  • Efficiency and collaboration. Having accurate documentation of any architectural, structural, and MEP elements will serve as a resource for project stakeholders for clash detection in future site maintenance and renovations.

  • Safety. Having knowledge on building exit and shut-off valve locations is crucial in ensuring that you have identified any safety hazards and have the appropriate safety measures and evacuations plans in place.

  • Visualization. Not everyone in the decision making process may be able to fully understand a site's layout from 2D plans. Having a 3D model will help everyone to visualize the site layout and make informed decisions. 

ARC’s modeling services give you access to a wide range of capabilities whether it is producing a model and documents from an architect’s design, helping contractors with trade coordination, differences reports or clash detection, or providing building owners an effective way to manage their facilities data. Building Information Models (BIMs) are intelligent 3D models that contain detailed information of the built environment. BIM improves productivity, reduces rework and conflicts and improves collaboration. Because BIM is a 3D tool, it allows for more detailed and intuitive representations of even the most complex conditions found in the built environment.

3D BIM Levels of Development (LOD)

LOD 100


Gives the basic layout of a site.

Defines area, height, volume, location, and orientation of a building.

LOD 200

Builds on the conceptual model to include elements with approximate size, shape, and location as well. Non-geometric information can be attached to model elements of this LOD.

LOD 300

Accurate modeling and shop drawings in which model elements are defined with specific assemblies, precise quantity, size, shape, location and orientation. Non-geometric information can also be attached to the model elements of this LOD.

LOD 400

With a LOD 400 model, elements are represented as specific assemblies, with complete fabrication, assembly, and detailing information in addition to precise quantity, size, shape, location and orientation. Non-geometric information can also be attached to the model elements of this LOD.

LOD 500

Elements are modeled as constructed assemblies for maintenance and operations. Elements are also modeled in actual and accurate size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation. Non-geometric information is also attached to modeled elements.

Why ARC?

ARC has specialized in providing high quality building documentation services since 1997. We believe that owners, designers and contractors do not need to be subjected to unforeseen existing conditions or the associated costs and time delays that often accompany them. During this time, ARC has focused on perfecting the means, methods and best practices to provide extremely accurate as-built documentation using the latest in technologies such as HDS (High Definition Survey) 3D Laser Scanning and advanced photo imagery. 

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